About us

Wolek is a project born and developed at Franc-Textil. 

Behind the brand of machines and devices designed for automation of operations at a sewing centre is 25 years of our experience in manufacturing home and interior design textiles. We will handle even the most demanding request with short turn around. Our best strength is the expertise in tailor made home textiles.


Made in Poland

Behind a great number of process solutions, designed to streamline and automate work is 25 years of our experience in the textile sewing industry. Our engineers, with their long experience and international involvement contribute top quality and precision to the machinery we deliver. 

Our solutions are a combination of experience, innovation, attention to even the smallest detail and high quality components. The best appreciation of our work is the satisfaction of customers, receiving our services. 

Also our showroom is open for visitors – Franc-Textil sewing centre in Żarów, Poland, the place where our solutions are born, perfected and tested.