Customized solutions

Our many years of experience in the production of textiles and the equipping of sewing and window coverings factories allows us to take a flexible and individual approach to our customers.
Thanks to our practical knowledge, we are able to propose optimal solutions to optimize our customers' processes. We provide full support not only at the design or implementation stage, but also as after-sales support.

Quilts stitching machine

On an individual order, we have prepared a solution for our client that greatly facilitates the process of stitching quilts.

Thanks to the automatic system, one operator is able to cover several different tasks. In addition, the machine allows to maintain the quality of the stitched quilts: despite the use of different sizes.

Custom Quality Control Machine for Pleated Blind

Witness our cutting-edge machine for pleated blind quality control. Tailored to meet the specific needs of a leading blinds manufacturer, this personalized solution ensures perfection in every blind.

Discover how our technology guarantees flawless pleated blinds, setting the new standard in quality control.

Overlock sewing machine

Automatic overlock sewing machine, custom-built for a prominent player in the fashion industry.  This solution is tailored to excel in both the clothing and upholstery/textile sectors

Automatic tester for pleated and classic roller blinds

KJW 58 is an automatic tester designed for blind manufacturers.
With this device, you can program a specific number of repetitions of rolling and undolling to automatically conduct durability tests on your product.
It is perfectly suited for testing both pleated blinds and traditional roller blinds.

Press for acoustic screens

KJW 118 is a s press for making sound-absorbing panels. The elements are pressed together with a metal frame using pneumatic actuators and the negative pressure generated by the vacuum pump. While the machine is pressing 1 panel, the operator is "loading" the second chamber. The machine is powered only by compressed air. The installed wheels also make it mobile