KJW 110


Multifunctional machine for automatic hook feeding, fabric folding and sewing hooks to the curtain in one operation.

A special module allows the curtain to be folded into a single, double or triple overlap.

In one process, the curtain pleats are made (folded), the hook is fed and sewn to the curtain fabric using a suitable seam.



 Automatic supply of curtain hooks with automatic adjustment of hook head height in 5 mm increments

Automatic execution of single or double overlap on the curtain

User-friendly 7 inch screen with control panel

Integrated and intuitive interface for calculating the number of folds, correcting overlaps settings

Length of the overlaps: 60/80/100/120

Overlap depth adjustment: from 15 to 125 mm

Laser positioning of the distance between overlaps: 60 to 165 mm

Unique design

Technical specification

 Maximum sewing speed: 2,500 stitches/min

 Automatic thread tension control

550W Servo driven energy efficient machine motor

 Compressed air: 4 bar