KJW 66


The fabric feeder KJW 66 for tensionless fabric feeding to cutting machines and tables is characterised by a very easy and quick replacement of the fabric roll, thanks to which it is used in companies processing a large number of fabric types during one shift – piece production as well as in companies with high-volume production.



A cradle made of conveyor belts over the entire width of the feeder on which the flat fabric roll is placed

Ability to work with rolls without a core

Maximum weight of the fabric roll: 100 kg

Maximum width of the fabric roll: 190 cm

Maximum diameter of the fabric roll: 500 mm

Unrolling speed – adapted to the speed of the cutting machine with which it is to cooperate, maximum 50m/min.

Adjustable side limiters for the roll to adjust the position of the roll on the feeder

A control and setting system for the edge position at every change of the fabric roll
– even consumption of base materials on cutting machines (cutters)

Tension arm tensioning the fabric with tension control

Other specification and sizes available on request

Physical dimensions

length: 2300 mm
width: 1150 mm
height: 1350 mm