KJW 93


KJW 93 double press is designed for cutting out holes for eyelets and punching eyelets in curtains and other textile items. Maximum eyelet diameter – 40 mm.



Cutting out eyelet holes of selected dimensions

It is possible to cut out holes on a folded curtain, thus shortening the cutting time

The curtain can be folded even fourfold

After changing the tools, two eyelets can be pressed concurrently

Eyelets are manually fed

Spacing between the eyelets is set using a crank handle

Reading spacing measurement on a ruler

The press is supplied with compressed air

Maximum diameter of eyelets – 40 mm

Minimum spacing between eyelets – 115 mm

Maximum spacing between eyelets – 240 mm

Physical dimensions

length: 1255 mm

width: 800 mm

height: 1440 mm

weight: 320 kg